A new report titled nutrition across the life stages has been published by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. The report poses some interesting answers to some of life’s big dietary questions such as, as we eating enough fruit and vegetables?  

(Information courtesy of the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare) 

The staggering findings state that 9 in 10 adults aged 19 and over do not eat enough vegetables and these foods are being replaced by discretionary foods (foods such as cakes, lollies, chips.) This is obviously a terrible solution as these foods do not provide the required nutrition and sustenance.  

A similar report by the CSIRO in 2017 found that this condition was even more prevalent in men than women, with 24% of women and only 15% of men getting the required fruit and vegetables daily. The data by the CSIRO also found, perhaps unsurprisingly, that young adults were most at risk regarding not eating well. This may be a by-product of general lifestyle decisions or factors such as not having as much money. The study also found that retired people and people working in the health industry were most likely to meet the daily guidelines.  

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