Earlier in the year, we wrote a piece on the brilliance of amaranth. A major ingredient in our famous berry blend mix, the amaranth seed was originally documented as being used by the Aztecs centuries ago. However, this was not the only gluten-free secret the Aztecs tapped into. The chia seed is another ancient grain utilised by the Aztec people to generate sustainable energy. In fact, the chia seed name is derived from an ancient Mayan word meaning "strength." Chia seeds were referred to as runners’ food due to being used in fuelling long distance runs or during battle.

Chia seeds have an incredibly high fibre content at approximately 34%, are extremely useful sources of protein and contain high levels of calcium. Chia seeds contain five times the amount of calcium found in milk, however, it may be slightly harder for the human body to absorb. They are also a fantastic way to include more magnesium, zinc and iron in your diet.

The question still remains, however, should the chia seed be considered a superfood like the blueberry? At this point in time, there has not been enough research to either confirm or deny this question. that being said, if you are the type of person needing to increase your fibre or omega 3 intake then chia seeds may certainly be the answer.

Kuranda Wholefoods offer an entire range of delicious chia bars designed specifically to provide you with the sustained energy needed for your lifestyle. With nut and fruit free options aplenty there is a chia bar that can meet any dietary need.  We recommend the chia and cranberry box if you feel like combining two superfoods is something you could use in your life!

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