A fantastic week worth taking part in is just around the corner! March 13 marks the beginning of the
Coeliac Awareness Week, an event held closely in our hearts at Kuranda Wholefoods. Throughout
this week, across our blogs and social channels, we hope to spread awareness and help people
change their lives for the better.

While the coeliac disease effects 1 in 70 people, over 80 percent of the population remain
undiagnosed! In March 2018 Coeliac Australia will be launching the “Face of Coeliac Disease”
campaign to coincide with Coeliac Awareness Week and raise awareness. The campaign aims to
display that coeliac disease can affect many people from different ethnicities and backgrounds. The
campaign will empower individuals to understand and notice the symptoms of coeliac disease. It is
hoped that with this extra knowledge, people will be able to take the proper steps towards diagnosis
and treatment.

Kuranda Wholefoods are very proud to have all our gluten free products vigorously tested and
approved by Coeliac Australia. We have made a commitment to create delicious, wholesome and
nutritionally sound products that our community can trust. We will raise as much awareness as
possible during the week and beyond to improve the quality of life of people all over the world.
The Coeliac Australia website offers FAQs, family screening letters, symptom descriptions, online
self-assessment and more details about the upcoming week!

Please visit https://www.coeliac.org.au/ if you wish to learn more.

Coeliac Awareness Week