14,715 kilometres. That sounds like a long way to drive, right?

How about riding 14,715 kilometres on a bike? Sound crazy? Well, Greg McDermott is currently doing just that in his Ride Around Oz.

Raising money for Father Chris Riley’s Youth Off the Streets and aiming to educate, motivate and inspire all Australian’s to find their passion, live with purpose and set goals; Greg has spent the last month cycling around 180 kilometres per day (that’s 8-9 hours).

Kuranda Wholefoods is proud to be supporting Greg on this ride, ensuring he stays fuelled with plenty of Kuranda Wholefoods Muesli and bars for quick on-the-go snacks.

In his most recent update, Greg shared some wisdom and inspiration from his trip that we couldn’t help sharing with you;

“We as human beings were created with eyes on the front of our heads not on the back and if we look back for too long all you’ll really do is get a stiff neck”

“This adventure, this ride, this new life experience is teaching me new things every day and I cannot wait for the road that lies ahead. It’s hot, it’s humid, there’s road trains, grey nomads and backpackers and I love it. Every day is a new challenge, a new reason to ride, a new destination, new friends, new supporters and a new home for the night”.

“The message here is this; where you ultimately want to be has zero relevance to where you are right now. With the right values, the right goal, a solid plan, the right team and the determination to work hard and make it happen, you can achieve anything….. Find that one thing that will lead to your dream. That thing you’ve always thought impossible, too hard or what other people do. Have a crack at it, make a change that will move you just one step towards it. Find that thing that makes your eyes light up and your heart sing and do that”

To find out more about Greg’s incredible adventure, follow his journey at http://www.gregmcdermott.com.au/events/ride-around-oz or follow him on social media at his Facebook or Instagram pages.