Smoothie bowls absolutely exploded in popularity in the last decade and it’s a trend we are all for! Besides looking amazing on social media, smoothie bowls are incredibly easy to make and taste great. The bowls give you the taste and texture of a smoothie but are even more filling. They can be jam-packed with granola, muesli, seeds nuts, fruit or whatever you feel like on the day! 

One option, not enough people are taking is to make their smoothies at home the night before work, freeze them and enjoy the following day. It’s an amazing nutritious snack and only takes a few minutes to create.  

With all this in mind take a look at this awesome recipe from Natasha’s Kitchen: 

Smoothie Bowl Recipe: 

3/4cupcoconut milk or almond milk(use 1/2 to 1 cup to reach desired thickness) 
2cupsgreen spinach 
2Tbspflax seeds 
1ripe bananapeeled, sliced and frozen 
1cupspineapplepeeled, sliced and frozen 
1/2ripe mangopeeled, chopped and frozen  

Topping Options: 

1/2cupKuranda Wholefoods Muesli  
1TbspToasted Coconut Muesli  
1/2cupfresh strawberriesblueberries and or raspberries  

Of course, no smoothie bowl is complete without some fresh fruit and some muesli from Kuranda Wholefoods incredible selection. Hit our website linked here and find out how you can spice up your bowls!