Many people struggle with devoting the adequate time to what is considered by health professionals to be the most important meal of the day! Maintaining a balanced diet is the key to a healthy life and mind. Therefore, the question remains how do we achieve this level of balance in the limited time that we have?

The answer is Muesli! Muesli contains so many health benefits that most people have not been informed about. At Kuranda we’ve selected our top 3 health tips associated with muesli:

  1. It’s Amazing for your Health!

Muesli contains all the vital vitamins and nutrients you need to get your day started. Containing protein, iron, calcium, vitamins muesli will always provide you with the required energy! All these ingredients benefit your immune system greatly and prevents you from falling sick as easily. Not only does it prevent you from getting sick, but it is far healthier than other cereals with less sugar and calories.

         2. Maintains Great Hair and Skin!

The combination of protein and minerals contain antibacterial agents that fight certain skin conditions. The rich minerals and protein also help protect against scalp infections further enhancing your wellbeing.

         3. It Makes You Perform Better!

Never has it been more important than right now to be at our functioning peaks in every day life. The world is busier than ever and we all need to prepare our bodies as well as possible for each day. Muesli can be an integral part of this, boosting your energy levels with rich fibre and relieving the feeling of hunger. Try out muesli and enjoy enhanced concentration levels and general daily performance.

Therefore, Kuranda Wholefoods Gluten Free Muesli is an amazing choice to get your day started no matter what you do! If you would like to fall sick less, maintain great skin and hair whilst performing at your peak then a healthy breakfast choice of muesli is for you! All our products are Coeliac approved and contain the finest ingredients.

 Kuranda Wholefoods Banana & Date Muesli