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Gluten Free Energy Bars

Gluten Free Energy Bars

Energy Bars

You only have to look at our Energy Bar range to know that something's different - but it's not just the packaging.

Capturing nature's abundance with the native indigenous Australian undertones, our new look only hints at the goodness inside the pack.  A favourite of many loyal Kuranda Wholefood fans, our new and improved energy bar range still has the same great taste you're used to - but with added plant-based protein from organic amaranth and a Low GI rating.

Organic amaranth is one of the most protein rich plant foods available.  It's also very high in iron, calcium, manganese and other phytonutrients whilst also containing the amino acid lysine which helps the body to absorb calcium, build muscle and produce energy.  In addition to the other wholefood ingredients found in Kuranda's energy bars, amaranth is an ingredient that allows you to love and nourish your body every day.

Our new pack design features the new Kuranda Gluten Free Logo, a new Australian Made Logo clearly highlighting the percentage of Australian ingredients used in our products and a GI rating, allowing those looking for a Low GI alternative to know exactly what they're eating.

To suit a wide variety of diets, we've also included a vegan option (our Pecan and Maple Bars) and two fruit free options (Pecan and Maple as well as Almond Nut Snax).

The Kuranda Gluten Free range is made with the finest quality nuts and seeds and just the right amount of naturally sweet dried fruits.  The range includes six delicious flavours - Almond and Cranberry, Walnut and Fig, Almond Nut Snax (Fruit Free), Pecan and Maple (Vegan and Fruit Free), Brazil Nut & Date, and Macadamia and Organic Apricot.


All Natural | Source of Protein | Gluten Free | Dairy Free | Wheat Free | Low GI | No Refined Sugar | No Artificial Colours | No Preservatives | No Added Flavours

Each 175g pack contains 5 individually wrapped bars.

Nutritional Information & Ingredients
Find out more about each of these delicious flavours by clicking on the individual product flavours.

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Kuranda Gluten Free Pecan & Maple 5 Pack Energy Bars - Vegan, Fructose Friendly, Fruit Free, Wheat Free, Plant-Based Protein

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Kuranda Gluten Free Macadamia & Organic Apricot 5 Pack Energy Bars - Wheat Free, Dairy Free, Low GI, Plant-Based Protein
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Kuranda Gluten Free Almond Nut Snax 5 Pack Energy Bars - Fruit Free, Wheat Free, Dairy Free, Low GI, Plant-Based Protein

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Kuranda Gluten Free Almond & Cranberry 5 Pack Energy Bars - Wheat Free, Dairy Free, Low GI, Plant-Based Protein

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Kuranda Gluten Free Brazil Nut & Date Energy Bars Wheat Free, Dairy Free, Low GI, Plant Based Protein, High Fibre
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7 Item(s)