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Thank you so much for your tremendous help in delivering my order, I cannot say enough about the Quality of Service from Kuranda Wholefoods, fantastic and delicious tasting and also packed with good nutrition. I really appreciate your tremendous effort, and I will certainly always be a customer for your products and will pass on details of Kuranda to all I meet. In fact just today I met a friend who is in nutrition and showed her the Chia Almond bar, she's going to order from you as well ad get this to hospitals so that staff and patients can benefit from the goodness of your products. Thank you so much once again!
- Paul, Sans Souci, NSW

I was so excited as a dietitian and nutritionist to discover Kuranda Wholefood's range of snacks and muesli's that are made from 100% natural quality ingredients, sugar free and with no hidden nasties. It's so great to have snacks and muesli's to recommend to clients with Coeliac Disease, IBS and food intolerances. There really is something for everyone in their amazing range!
- Courtney Bates, Brookvale, NSW

I bought the Kuranda Healthy Trail Mix a few weeks ago and I ordered more because it is sensational. The taste, texture and freshness surpasses all the others I have tried. I will definitely be coming back for more!
- Coarrinne, Moruya, NSW

I am a regular buyer of your products. The Banana & Date cereal is my husband's favourite. Thank you for creating such beautiful products!
- Susan, Vaucluse, NSW

Thank you for your excellent service Kuranda Wholefoods. I received my order today. I have been very happy with your products and services in the past as well. Keep up the good work!
- Barbie, North Nowra, NSW

I have been eating Kuranda Muesi for years. This is my fourth home delivery as I could no longer buy from Harris Farm. I have an intolerance to amines in food so the Kuranda Spiced Apple Muesli is ideal for me. It also tastes great and I feel I am having something that is good for me.
- Kim, Newport, NSW

I bought the healthy trail mix a few weeks ago and have ordered more because it is sensational the taste, texture and freshness surpasses all the others I have tried! Keep up the good work Kuranda Wholefoods I love your products!
- Corrinne, Moruya NSW

Have been looking for years for a great tasting, gluten and fruit free muesli and this is it. Perfect and my husband loves it too. Amazing product with almonds. Love your Kuranda Organic Quinoa Blend Muesli!
- Barb, Cremorne, VIC

Your Vegan Chia and Quinoa bars are the best I've had in terms of quality, nutrition and taste. Pretty please would you consider using a vegan sweetener as a replacement for honey in the rest of your range as I would love to try everything else too :)
- Amanda, Mooroolbark, VIC

I tried one of your muesli products yesterday for the first time and I absolutely loved it. Being gluten and dairy intolerant I find it very difficult to find a muesli that is what it says it is. My tummy says thank you :-) Cheryl
- Cheryl Edmunds, South Nowra

I love Berry Blend Muesli full of goodness to get my morning started
- Deborah, Clarence Park, SA

I love Kuranda Wholefoods variety assorted nut bars as they are convenient, wholesome making it easy for me to stay on track and healthy
- Sara

Kuranda Wholefoods Macadamia & Apricot Energy Bars ...... to me are "AWARD WINNING" bars!
- Yew, Hawthorn East, VIC

Kuranda Natural Muesli is the BEST!. I love the taste and it starts my mornings on the right track
- Blake, Salisbury Heights, SA

I LOVE your Kuranda Wholefoods Blueberries & Coconut Muesli, so yummy and good for me! and it's Paleo too!
- Kerry, Salisbury Heights, SA

Can I just say how impressed I am with your Berry Blend muesli's! I've eaten a lot of muesli in my time and with the wide variety available yours truly stands out, Well Done Kuranda Wholefoods!
- Jody, Adelaide SA

I'm so glad you have added a paleo blend to your lovely assortment of muesli's I LOVE your Blueberries & Coconut Muesli, so yummy and good for me!
- Yvonne, Portarlington, VIC

Your Chia & Almond bars give me a great boost when I need it most whilst on the go, thank you for making such a great product! ,
- Val, Murrumbeena QLD

I really love all your mueslis and have them regularly with my oats
- Tania, North Adelaide, SA

My son and I love your Kuranda Pecan & Pistachio Bars, we love the cruncy freshness.
- Lesley, Albany WA

Your Choc and Macadamia Bites are so delish velvety Chocolate with soft Macadamia, I could gobble them forever! ,
- Scott, Stirling SA

My mouth waters every time I think of Kuranda Spiced Apple muesli with Organic Quinoa, what a fantastic product and oh so good for me, luv it!
- Louise, Currum QLD

Wow, Roasted Nut & Cranberry is definitely my pick as a PICK ME UP,it really does the trick, natural, nutty and a little bit sweet just like me ;)
- Michelle, Melbourne VIC

You know what, I love your products but for me the stand out is, Kuranda Wholefoods Chia & Almond Bars, they are just so good, healthy and nutritious and tastes naughty but I know they aren't
- Terry, Brisbane QLD

OMG, Kuranda Wholefoods Chia & Cacao is AMAZING!!!!! Yum Yum, I'm eating it right now!
- Julie, Sydney NSW

I just want to say "thank you" your products are devine and I particularly enjoy the Kuranda Wholefoods Chia Nut & Berry,
- Alana, Brisbane QLD

I absolutely love the Kuranda Wholefoods Macadamia and Hazelnut bar, it's sooooooooo tasty yum,
- Pat, Windsor NSW

My favourite Kuranda Wholefood product is the Macadamia and Hazelnut bar because it's full of goodness and wellness, keep up the great work!
- Stav, Altona VIC

Just wanted to let the team at Kuranda Wholefoods know that we received our Paleo cereal all the way in Hong Kong. It was a welcome relief because there’s nothing like it here. We have searched high and low to find a paleo cereal as good and nothing comes close. You guys have the best paleo cereal going around. Thank you
- Scott, Hong Kong

I tried your nut bars which I found through the Health For Life Kitchen website and I have to say "I fell in love with them". They are the best I have ever had so "thank you so much" for making a delicious and very healthy range of snacks and muesli. Love, love, love them !
- Love, love

I just wanted to say( as per my conversation with Maria today) how impressed I am with your Chia range of bars. They are extremely healthy and the thing I love the most is they are low sugar and taste exceptional . Please keep up the great work and research in creating these great products
- Maurie, Charlestown NSW

Hi there, I stumbled across your Kuranda Muesli brand on the weekend. And I must say, it was so amazing! I've been trying to find this kind of goodness in canberra but it doesn't exist here :(. I've almost had the whole pack! I'm addicted. Is there anywhere I could buy this in canberra/queanbeyan?
- Natasha

I've been a fan of your Kuranda Natural Muesli since I discovered it a few months ago. For someone with a wheat allergy and who is trying to reduce gluten intake it's perfect, and delicious too! My personal favourite is the Berry Blend with Amaranth. May I offer a serving tip. I thinly slice fresh ginger into almond milk and then warm in the microwave to diffuse the ginger flavour, dissolving a little honey into the warmed milk before pouring over the muesli topped with additional freshly sliced fruit. Beautiful! Thanks for your care in making this tasty and healthy range.
- John, Castle Hill, NSW

Thanks heaps for making tasty Kuranda gluten-free, low GI health bars and muesli. Loving them, especially the Macadamia and Apricot bars. "So happy that these are made in Australia", Inta from South Australia
- Inta, South Australia

I am fan of your Kuranda Organic Quinoa Fruit Free Blend Muesli, only 4% sugars and no added sugar + gluten fee ..... Great,
- Andrew from , Sydney

Just some feedback - I'm a Coeliac and your Kuranda Tropical Blend Muesli is the only breakfast I can have that I actually enjoy and look forward to - thanks heaps! Please keep making it!
- Dave S. , Sydney

Your muesli is the best gluten free muesli I have ever had keep up the good work!
- Nancy, Toowoomba Qld

Hi – I recently tried your Kuranda Banana and Date Natural Muesli and it is now my all time favourite gluten free muesli. Have only ever seen it at Coeliac Shack in Redcliffe which isn’t close to me at all – are there any other suppliers in Brisbane? I live at Chermside but also work in Toowong.
- Toowong.

Just wanting to tell you that I sooooo enjoyed the Berry Blend Muesli I bought from you. I bought 2 packets and I’ve almost run out so I want to buy more! I will definitely buy 4 packets hopefully in December to see me through Xmas. I know you work so hard in your business to achieve recognition so you deserve to be acknowledged for producing such great products. My pleasure!
- Elizabeth, Concord, NSW

Met you a number of wks ago at the Castle Hill Markets and I must say your cereals are BEAUTIFUL and so fresh. I bought a few and I will definitely be recommending them to my patients. The Kuranda Banana & Date one was delish as was the Kuranda Berry Blend.
- Julie, Salkeld Sanctuary

I just wanted to say thanks for your Kuranda Gluten Free Natural Muesli Spiced Apple with Quinoa! Its the only muesli I have been able to find with less than 10g sugar per 100g and I bought it for the first time and tried it today and tastes great! The ingredients also look fantastic! What a great product! I purchased it from FoodWorks in Newtown, NSW. Thanks again
- Alex

I just purchased a Kuranda Cashew Almond bar from our lollie box at work. I was choosing between another well known muesli bar and your Kuranda Cashew Almond bar. I ended up choosing the Kuranda bar as it had less ingredients and sounded healthier than the other bar. I just wanted you to know that I really enjoyed the flavour/texture and packaging of this bar and I will continue to buy this bar! I will keep a look out for it in the supermarkets when I go shopping. I thought it tasted awesome.
- Linda, Cairns

I sampled a few of your bars last weekend at the Rocks Markets in Sydney (I live in Brisbane). They all tasted delicious
- Sally

Just want to let you know that your health bars "Kuranda" with fruits, seeds, nuts etc are the best bars I have ever bought.
- Pam

I recently returned from a fantastic holiday in Australia where I ate your fabulous health bars. They are so good. I would like to know if I can buy them in Canada or if I could order them from Australia. Looking forward to hearing from you
- Cathy

I am a diabetic and very much like the Kuranda bars. I have bought them from Chemist Outlet in Baulkham Hills and would like to know if you have any other stockists. It is a very good product especially for diabetics, maybe you can sell thru Diabetes Australia? Thanks.
- Barbara

I just wanted to say thanks again for the cereal, it is delicious and just divine. It's hard to make a gluten free cereal which doesn't comprise of cardboard and puffed wheat, but by gosh! I think you're done it. It is fantastic.
- Amanda, Canberra

My wife and i just got back from Nepal. We took along a good supply of your bars for snacks along the treks and they were, as expected, fantastic. We even took a photo of them in the Annapurna Sanctuary.
- Jonathon

I've just tried your new health bars made without peanuts and I must say they are FANTASTIC! I'm addicted to them and can't get enough - I'm looking forward to seeing them in my local health store.
- Claire, Rozelle

Our 3 year old daughter Rose discovered these bars at the GF show in Melbourne last weekend and loves them. She calls them her 'Bee Bar'(because they have a bee on them). Thanks, she is the worlds fussiest eater and it's great when we find food she enjoys.
- Sue, Victoria

Hi I just wanted to give feedback about one of your bars I tried. It was the Fruit and Honey bar. It was very nice and I also wanted to know where I could buy them in my local area.
- Carol, NSW

Hi, I recently visited Gosfords local floral festival and purchased a pack of your gluten, dairy, nut & wheat free fruit and honey bars both chocolate and original, they are so nice I would like to know where I can go locally to buy them.
- Diane, Gosford NSW

I tried your bars at a 'Your Health' clinic in Sydney. I liked them and they are good as they have no yeast, gluten, wheat or added sugar
- Dominic, Ashfield

I purchased some of your Fruit & Honey Bars at the recent M.I.N.D.D seminar in Sydney. They were very popular with my son who has A.S.D. and my daughter who has coeliac disease. Can you please tell me whether you stock these products in any stores in the Blacktown District.
- Gina, Blacktown NSW

We bought your Kuranda health bars whilst on holidays at the Hunter Valley , and just wanted to say "A BIG THANK YOU" your bars are so healthy and taste just FANTASTIC! Unlike the other confectionary bars we find in the major supermarkets which require an urgent visit to the Dentist. I'm addicted and an absolute FAN.
- Helen, NSW & QLD

Hi my name is Karyn a friend of mine has just told me of the fantastic taste and quality of your products and she has highly recomended them. I can't wait to have them again.
- Karyn, VIC

I have just tried one of your bars .. GREAT We are a Detox clinic, we are looking at providing a gluten free snack for our clients Sydney NSW
- Maree

test I purchased 'Nutberry' bars at the Melbourne GF EXpo - I like them the best.
- Terry, Melbourne VIC

Thankyou so much for your very prompt response. I will definitely be hunting those stockists down as they are both very close in location to me. Your product is fantastic, and I will definitely be recommending them to many of my coeliac and intolerant friends (can't believe how common it is these days). And I LOVE your company philosophy - so closely follows my own.
- Jacquelline

This is the second ‘batch’ I’ll have had since discovering them last year!! They’re great! I like to snack on ‘simple’ foods, and have found that I have a mild gluten intolerance, also sometimes problems with refined sugar such as Glucose (fruit sugars seem ok), so the Aussie-Snax Bars are just what I’m looking for!!
- Martin, Brisbane QLD

Congratulations on producing something that I (might) be able to eat.
- Ange & Tony, Melbourne VIC

My daughter recently tried your A+ Fruit & Honey Chocolate health bar through the Coeliac Society in Victoria and loved them!
- Grace, VIC

I was at the Gluten and Ceoliac exhibition on the weekend and I bought some of your fruit bars. The one my kids loved in particular was the A+ fruit and Honey Bar (Chocolate).
- Sophie, Melbourne VIC

I met you with my husband and 3 children at the Castle Hill Growers market in December and bought 2 boxes of nut bars and a box of snax for the children. I loved the bars so much as they aren’t as sweet as most and are a great pick me up.
- Tina, Kellyville NSW

I have a 12 yr old daughter with Coeliac Disease and it is always a challenge to find new products. She has tried your Aussie-Snax bars and particularly like the Choc nut bite. I will be sure to tell other parents about your products.
- Joanne, St George Basin NSW

You make a great product from a wonderful part of Australia. Was introduced to your product at the Gluten Free Fair at BCC recently. We chewed through the amount we bought at the fair and are looking for an outlet here in Brisbane. Could you please help us with this enquiry.
- Pastor Chris and Maggie, Brisbane QLD

Could you please advise where I can buy your products. I tasted them at the expo at the weekend. I especially liked you’re a+ Fruit and Honey bars.
- Colleen, Wollongong NSW

Have fallen in love with your health bars however do not know where to purchase them in my area. Please help!
- Julie, Boronia VIC

Luv your bars
- Vince

I am a diabetic and am always looking for healthy snacks / Snax. I saw your product in Franklins and was most impressed with the all ingredients and nutritional value. When I tried it I thought it would be quite bland but very tasty. It is above all the hundreds of other snacks / snax I have tried. Wish you could get it in Woolworths.
- Sue

I love your A+ fruit and honey bars, infact I am eating one at the moment. I will definately recommend these bars to all the other mothers I know because they are definately better than all the other brands I have tried and a whole lot healthier too!!!
- Rita

You have a fantastic product range for new people that are choosing a clean eating and living lifestyle. I was making/mixing my own muesli but with my busy schedule with 3 kids under 5 you have saved me so much time!! Thanks a bunch! I'll be ordering ASAP.
- Dani

I recently discovered your FANTASTIC range while on holidays at The Entrance. I am a Coeliac and find it very hard to find snacks that I can eat and that actually have taste! Your range is GREAT and I love your Yummy Choc bites! Even my dad likes them.... and he hates Gluten Free foods! Thank you so much for having such a broad, delicious and creative range. Looking forward to buying from you in future!!! You guys are Great!!! Thank you :)
- Sami

73 Item(s)